Forest Demon – 3D Model

Shtay a while and lishen

This guy was a joy to sculpt, I spent a couple of hours making the head – inspired by the new tools in zbrush – then I was inspired by my creation and a Unity video called ‘Book of the Dead’ to finish up the body in a hollowed out style

I later found out that there is a female version of this creature, which is feature in Skyrim, they are called Spriggans and I have never encountered them, which of course prompted a quick re-install of the game and hours of aimless horseback riding and hunting in the tundra

Printing the guy was not trivial, but he was one of the first I printed and through which I realized that auto-supports are crap, always make custom supports guys

A shot of the posed model in zbrush

Chitubox was used for supports

Custom supports made in chitubox

I posed this model in zbrush directly, something I generally don’t enjoy, but it was fast and of course since he started as an experiment, I wasn’t aiming at rigging him in the first place

“Auto-supports are bad, spend the time, reap the rewards”

Get the guy here